Need more letters in your life? We’ve got you covered.


A life-long love of letter writing and all things mail spurred Rhea Abramson, founder of the New York City Letter Writers Society and the Devoted Diarist , to create Mail More Love. Mail More Love is a monthly subscription of the perfect cards and gifts delivered to you so can send beautiful mail to the people you love


Growing up on the island of St. Croix, trips to the Post Office were a lifeline for me. Every day we checked the mail. It was always an adventure. I can still feel the imprint in my hands of the clear Lucite key chain embossed with my moms’ name, from the days I was lucky enough to check the mail by myself.

My gram Dorothy and Auntie Karen were my first pen pals. They lived far away in Massachusetts and wrote to me consistently a few times a month. I felt so special to receive letters from them in their neat and gorgeous script. From there, my love of letter writing was born. My mother instilled in me as soon as I could write, the habit of promptly writing thank you notes, a practice I continue to this day. And, my grandfather was the Post Master in my town.

Over the course of my life – I have written thousands of letters: love letters, thank you notes, birthday cards, sympathy cards, postcards from all over the world, fan mail to people I admire, letters of amends, just-because letters, dear john letters, pick-me-up letters to friends in need, and hilarious cards just to make someone laugh.

Sending and distributing mail is in my blood. I love matching a card to a person or situation. I love sitting down to share what’s in my heart with someone I care about. And I love hearing how wonderful they felt when they received a real letter in their mail box. The Mail More Love marries my desire for connection with friends and family with my favorite hobby, shopping for cards and stationery. It is a skill I have honed throughout my entire life, and I now I want to share it with you. I hope you will join me in my letter writing passion!


Rhea Abramson

Chief Paper Officer and Official Card Whisperer